Kings Hird viikinkimiekka, n.1000-luvulta Ruotsista

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Hand forged high quality decorative replica of a 11th century sword found in Sweden. Made by Nordlys in the traditional way. The  same way the Vikings made their swords a 1000 years ago. 

Forged one by one,  in high quality carbon steel and tempered in the traditional manner over a bed of burning coal. This process makes the blade both elastic and strong, so it will never fail in battle.

 This type of sword became more popular in the end of the Viking time, when the kings made rules on what standardised fighting equipment the different hirdes should have and muster for war.

The blade is also marked with our Nordlys “forgers mark”, ensuring the quality and proving the sword is an original from our forge. The leather bound handle, round pommel and wide crossguard gives this piece a classic look. The Scabbard had a wooden inside with brown leather body, brass chape in viking age pattern and is completed with a wooden bridge for the belt and baldric. The scabbard is also decorated with black lace work and cord work risers.

Since the blade is not blunted, the sword is intended for decorative or ceremonial use and is not recommended to be used in any type of fighting.


Sword measurements

Length:  82 cm

Blade length:  66 cm

Width (base of blade): 5 cm

Crossguard width:  16 cm

Weight: 1,1 kg

Scabbard measurements

Lenght:  84 cm

Width: 7,5 cm

Weight:  0,55