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Materiaali: teräs, kahva haapaa

Veitsen mitat:
Pituus: 21 cm
Terän pituus: 11 cm
Terän leveys: 3,5 cm
Paino: 176 g

Tupen mitat:
Pituus: 16 cm
Leveys: 6 cm
Vyölenkin pituus: 6,5 cm
Paino: n. 60 g

"Finan" is a skinner, as used by hunters and scouts to skin hunted animals with. The tip in the blades center and the inward-bent blade are characteristic for this type of knife. The blades thickness allows ardous tasks other knifes will not compete with. It is adorned with a hammer blow along the sides.
The ergonomic handle is made from asian poplar wood and riveted to the tang. The robust sheath has a belt loop on the back side.
"Finan" will be a trusty companion, even when not on a hunt.