Gadaric tunika pellavaa kupari XXL

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The tunic was not only worn in antiquity by the Romans, it was also popular throughout Europe from the early to the late Middle Ages. It was the basic piece of clothing for men and women and was subject to constant change through new cuts.

Our tunic Gadaric is the basis of most medieval costumes. It is slightly flared at the bottom and slitted at the front and back for more legroom. The generously cut sleeves allow good mobility, e. g. when fighting.

As an undergarment, for example under a gambeson, it removes moisture from the body, similar to a modern undershirt, while remaining breathable.
As a dress gown with a belt from our varied assortment, she is almost an independent costume. Combined with a pair of trousers and a belt pouch you are dressed for your next market visit.

Material: linen fabric (50 % linen, 50 % cotton)
Sizes: XS to 3XL