Nyöritetty keskiaikainen huppu, useita värejä

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Medieval Coif with Ties, various colours

This medieval coif (also: coiffe) is made of plain cotton, lined with light cotton fabric, and can be secured under the chin with ties. Reaching down so as to just cover the ears, it is tailored like an authentic coif from the Middle Ages.

Throughout the Middle Ages, headdresses were very common for both men and women. Coifs of the type offered here were predominantly worn by men and children, yet also popular with women, whatever the walk of life. While the lower classes usually used them for work to protect themselves against the sun and dirt, the middle classes often wore them under their actual headdresses, knights under their chainmail coifs and kings under their crowns. They were also used as a protection against parasites such as lice.
The coif was a staple piece of clothing in the High Middle Ages, as numerous historical illustrations show - for example the Rutland Psalter or the Morgan Bible (also known as the Maciejowski Bible or Crusader Bible ), a picture bible from the 13th century.

This nice, simple coif is ideal for medieval markets, LARP, reenactment or living history.

- One size fits all
- Available colours: natural-coloured, black, brown, red
- Material: 100% cotton
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry