Äänimalja Tiibet 2350g kehomalja - Tarotpuoti

Äänimalja Tiibet 2350g kehomalja

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Tibetan singing bowls
Hand hammered

Tibetan singing bowls create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and spirituality. Their overtones and undertones can remove blockages and calm the psyche. An instrument that no spiritual house should be without.

Place the singing bowl on your left, flat hand. Take the corresponding stick and sound at the outer edge. In order to achieve the full intensity of the overtones and undertones, the singing bowl is rubbed with the rod in a circle.

Production: A special alloy is heated in the oven and then shaped by countless hammer blows. You need up to 6 men for the hammer blows, who work alternately with a big hammer on a single singing bowl.

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