Ansgar paita, ruskea

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First risen to popularity in the Middle Ages, this shirt is known by many names today. Lacing shirts like this are associated with the Renaissance, brave musketeers, pirates and swashbucklers, but also flower power kids from the 1960s. Ever since this shirt has become a staple of the fantasy and medieval world, we call it costume shirt.

Made from sturdy cotton by Mytholon, this shirt is available in a wide variety of colours. It serves as a basis for historical outfits – or costume, as it were, like few other garments do.

The lacing allows the shirt to be worn open on warm days and tied close when it's cold outside. The sleeves are very generously cut and allow great freedom of movement when fighting and dancing. The wide cuffs are each closed by means of a lacing.

This is a shirt for many occasions, not only as a costume, but also as a comfortable leisure shirt.

Material: cotton canvas
Sizes: L , XL