Aterinsetti syömäpiikki sekä veitsi n 14 cm

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Medieval Cutlery Set from stainless steel, approx. 14 cm

Not only back in the Middle Ages but also well into modern times, a cutlery set was standard equipment for any traveller and ist hus absolutely indispensable for re-enactment or LARP. In the German language, such sets of cutlery are also called Kutscherbesteck or Fuhrmannsbesteck, which can be literally translated as coachman's cutlery or waggoner's cutlery.

We offer you a wide selection of replicas of medieval travel cutlery sets in many different designs, shapes and sizes. You can choose here between wood, horn or bone grips.

Delivery includes an authentic leather sheath.

- Material: stainless steel 420
- Length of the knife: approx. 14 cm
- Length of the round eating pick (eating awl/pricker): approx. 13 cm
- Handle material options: wood, horn or bone