Axel-viikinkivyö, ruskea, tuplaremelit

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The high quality processed double belt "Axel" is very detailed. It consists of two approx. 2.5 cm wide belts, which are sewn onto small leather pieces for connection. These leather pieces are each equipped with metal rings to be able to attach all kinds of accessories. The two belts were lovingly decorated by hand with Celtic embossings.

The Viking double belt can be adjusted up to 20 cm tighter. For example, if you choose size 100 cm, the belt can be adjusted up to 80 cm. Overall, the entire Viking double belt has a width of 6 cm.

Care instructions
To remove coarse dirt, it is usually sufficient to circle over the leather with a dry or slightly damp cloth or brush away the dirt residues with a dirt brush. The belt should be moistened evenly.