Ballistol 200ml

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Ballistol Pluvonin Impregnation Spray, 200 ml

Based on the latest developments in nanotechnology, Pluvonin provides a very effective waterproofing and dirt-repellent drip-off coating for all natural and synthetic fibres as well as leather.

It preserves and impregnates textile and leather materials, even under the most adverse weather conditions.

Pluvonin will not only make tents, tarps, sails, awnings, parasol and umbrellas weatherproof, but also outdoor clothing such as anoraks, coats, cloaks, parkas, sweaters, rainwear, sportswear, shoes and backpacks. Coffee, tea, red wine or cola spills will also just roll off the impregnated fabric. Pluvonin is therefore ideal for use on historical tents and clothing.

Pluvonin provides every single fibre with an invisible layer of UV- and temperature resistant, breathable protective coating. Dried stains thus don't adhere to the fibres anymore, whereas wet dirt is no longer absorbed.

Pluvonin is ideal for all sorts of outdoor gear and therefore more than adequate for use on historical tents and clothing.

- Highly flammable
- Environmentally hazardous
- Noxious