Ballistol USTA Rust-Killer Spray 400 ml "ruosteentappaja"

Ballistol USTA Rust-Killer Spray 400 ml "ruosteentappaja"

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Yleisöljy. Liukastaa ja poistaa vettä metallisilta pinnoilta, vähentää kosteutta, ei jäykisty tai tartu. 

USTA Rust-Killer keeps surfaces smooth, creeps into the smallest of gaps and cavities,removes water from metal surfaces, acts against damp, and neither gums nor sticks.It offers reliable and durable rust protection.

USTA rust killer doesn't contain any silicone, chlorinated hydrocarbons or ozonedamaging CFCs. USTA is a versatile, high quality and low-cost tool for almost every purpose. USTA Rust-Killer keeps everything that might creak, squeak or stick in good condition. Everything works as new and is protected and maintained.

It works on sticking boot locks, releases seized up screw threads and fits and provides all metal components with long term protection against corrosion. USTA Rust-Killer has also proven itself in use as chain oil for motorbikes. Ideal for the maintenance and care of engines and devices of all kinds. USTA Rust-Killer cares and protects winders, rollers, shafts, screw threads, cable and shiny metal against splashes of water and salty spray. Ideal for use in time for the winter.

Attention: highly flammable!