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Klappenrock Bjorn, Viking Warrior's Coat, brown, various sizes

Our Viking coat is made of sturdy cotton fabric (canvas) and lined except for the sleeves. It is comfortably loose-fitting to allow for multiple layers of clothing underneath. Its length ends shortly above the knee and thus conforms to early medieval representations. We recommend you to wear the klappenrock with a belt, as it closes the same way as a present-day bathrobe. Please note that the belt is not included in delivery and should be purchased separately.

The klappenrock (also known as a warrior's coat or wrap around coat ) has its origins with the Eurasian horse-riding nomads (i.a. the Huns and Avars) and found its way to the West during the Migration Period and Early Middle Ages. The Vikings and Rus' People adopted this particular type of coat and added decorative, tablet weaved trimmings to the garment. A Norse klappenrock typically features angled front flaps that overlap diagonally and are held together with a belt. Historical depictions of wrap over coats can be found, for example, on the 7th century Sutton Hoo and Valsgärde helmets. Several fragments of such coats were also found at the Viking Age site of Hedeby, the most significant Viking settlement and trading venue on the Jutland peninsula (close to the town of Schleswig, now in northern Germany). The klappenrock was usually combined with a tunic and baggy trousers. Warrior motifs found on surviving helmets suggest that it was not only worn in everyday life but also in battle.

- Material: 100% cotton
- Length overall size L: approx. 95 cm (measured from the centre back neck down to the bottom hem)
- Care instructions: machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry.