Juomaleili nahkaa 500ml, laukkumallinen tai ellipsin muotoinen

Juomaleili nahkaa 500ml, laukkumallinen tai ellipsin muotoinen

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

This canteen or pilgrim's bottle is a handmade drinking vessel after historical models.
The first evidence can be found in the Heidelberg manuscript, whereby the material used for both of the drinking bottles depicted there is not evident, so that it could have been a clay vessel. The first evidence of the use of leather for drinking bottles is, to our knowledge, a London find of a leather bottle dated to the middle of the 14th century.

The water bottle was made of leather and sealed with beeswax. The matching wooden cork is included.

Dimensions leather canteen:

Height: ca. 25cm
width: approx. 16cm
thickness: approx. 6cm
filling quantity: approx. 500ml

materials used: vegetable tanned leather, yarn, beeswax, wood

important note of use:
-Do not fill with hot liquids
-Wash by hand in lukewarm water and leave to air dry, but not in the blazing sun.
-Never fill the bottle to the brim and then press the cork into the bottle with pressure.
-In the beginning, parts of legumes can be washed out as well. These are used to give the bottle its shape and are absolutely harmless.
-The cork is never 100% tight due to its construction.

Attention: As this product is coated with beeswax, which is dissolved by acids and can be transferred to food, we are obliged to point out that this drinking bottle is not suitable for contact with food according to current legislation.