Englantilainen umpikypärä, 1500-luku

Englantilainen umpikypärä, 1500-luku

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Englantilainen umpikypärä

Rekonstruoitu malli tyypillisestä ritareiden ja sotilaiden 1500-luvulla niin taisteluissa kuin turnajaisissakin käyttämästä suljettavasta umpikypärästä, joka suojasi sekä päätä että kaulaa. Kypärä on valmistettu 1,6 mm vahvuisesta teräksestä ja soveltuu kevyisiin historian elävöitystaisteluihin. Sopii myös keräilijän kokoelmiin, näytelmien puvustukseen ja rooliasuihin.

English Close Helm, Late Medieval / Renaissance Helmet, 1.6 mm Steel

This beautiful helm with hinged visor is a reproduction of a typical early 16th century jousting helmet known as close helm or close helmet. Developed in the late 15th century, the close helm was worn by knights and men-at-arms in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. It was a fully enclosing helmet that protected both the head and the neck. While it also saw service on the battlefield, it was extremely popular for use during tournaments.

The most distinctive feature that sets this visored helm apart from the sallet and armet (from which it evolved) is the entirely different opening and closing mechanism that consists of an integral rotating bevor that opens vertically instead of laterally and is connected to the split visor by the same pivots.

The reconstruction we offer here is crafted from 1.6 mm (16 gauge) steel and hence only suitable to a limited extent for combat re-enactment. Just like the surviving original examples, the visor is a split construction consisting of two independent parts articulated on a single pivot point on either side at the temples, so that the wearer can choose to raise just the top part or the entire face protection. The entire front half is attached to the same pivots as the two-part visor and can be hinged open, allowing the helmet to be fitted around the head. It is then secured shut with a side hook. The helmet features a generously sized central ridge or crest, approx. 6 cm long, 0.8 cm wide eye-slits and numerous cutouts for proper ventilation.

The blackened interior is fitted with a suspension liner made of leather and the adjustable, 3 mm thick leather chin strap closes with an antiqued brass buckle.

Suitable for light combat re-enactment, LARP, stage or TV/film, this fine, fully wearable knightly helm will make your transformation into a proud knight just perfect. Of course, it will also make a great addition to any helmet collector's treasure chamber.

- Material: 1.6 mm steel, leather inlay, leather chin strap with brass buckle
- Suitable for head circumference up to approx. 67 cm
- Suitable for neck circumference up to approx. 44 cm
- Long distance (back to front): approx. 23 cm
- Short distance (ear to ear): approx. 20 cm
- Height (incl. gorget plates) :approx. 37 cm
- Weight: approx. 4 kg