Flower of Life ultraääni-diffuusori , höyrystin eteerisille öljyille

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Electric diffuser for the diffusion of essential oils. With built-in mood light and button for constant or intermittent scent dispersion.

Packaging: Comes in cardboard box with user manual in 6 languages.
Made in: China.

Product specifications
Aroma diffuser with a water reservoir of ± 100 ml.
Adapter: Input 220 ~ 240V.a.c, output 24V.d.c.
Mist button for constant or intermittent diffusion.
Built-in mood lighting.
Water shortage protection: automatically switches off if there is too little water.
Protection against overheating: when diffuser becomes unusually hot, it switches off automatically.

Place in an open room so the mist can spread freely and away from equipment that is sensitive to water vapour (eg a TV and other electronic equipment). Keep out of reach of children and pets.