Gadaric-tunika, puuvillapellava

Gadaric-tunika, puuvillapellava

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Tunics were not only worn by Romans in antiquity, but were also popular throughout Europe from the early to the late Middle Ages. They were the basic clothing for men and women and were subject to constant changes through new cuts.

Our tunic "Gadaric" is the base for a great variety of medieval outfits. It is slightly bell-shaped from the hip downwards and slitted at the front and back. The generously cut sleeves allow great freedom of movement, for example when fighting.

As an undergarment, for example under a gambeson, it dissipates moisture from the body while staying breathable, similar to a modern undershirt.
As an upper garment in combination with a belt from our range of products, it is almost an outfit on its own. When combined with a pair of trousers and a belt bag, you are ready dressed for a visit to the next medieval fair.

Material: linen (50% linen & 50% cotton)