Goottilainen tikari pyöreällä nupilla SK-C

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Gothic Dagger, practical blunt, light combat version

Medieval daggers were mostly used as a secondary weapon by knights, unmounted mercenaries and archers. The cross guard has cut outs on both sides in the form of a three-leaf clover.

The blade of this battle-ready replica is forged from spring steel and goes through to the round cast iron pommel, where it is screwed invisibly. The beautifully shaped wooden handle is wrapped in leather.

The blade is hardened to approx. 48 HRC in oil. The tip is rounded and the edges are blunt. The dagger is therefore suitable for light exhibition combat.

A matching wooden sheath covered with leather is included. 

- Battle-ready Category : SK-C
  Learn more about our classification for blunt practical weapons
- Blade material: Spring steel EN45
- Rockwell Hardness: approx. 48 HRC
- Overall: approx.43.5 cm
- Blade length: ca. 29.0 cm
- Blade width: approx. 31 mm
- Including scabbard made of wood and leather 
- Battle ready version, also available as a decorative version (Art. nr. 0216697318)
- Weight (without scabbard): approx. 500 g