Himalyan vuorikristalli kaksoiskärjellä "Himalajan muistelmat"  Pashawar / Pakistan n.4cm4cm

Himalyan vuorikristalli kaksoiskärjellä "Himalajan muistelmat" Pashawar / Pakistan n.4cm4cm

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Himalya Rock crystal double ended "Himalayan reminisers" from Pashawar / Pakistan. 


Rock crystal is colorless and the most common variant of the mineral quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) The name "crystal" derives from the Greek word "Krustallos" which means ice. It was believed that rock crystal was ice designed by the gods. At the time of the Mesolithic was Rock Crystal already known. During Roman times was Rock Crystal from the Alps under the name "petrified ice" on the market. Theofratus called it "krystallos". Also Pliny the Elder mentions it. The name "Quartz" was introduced in 1529 by Georgius Agricola. The peoples of the East considered Rock Crystal as a stone of patience and perfection. Tibetans use crystal to to heal wounds. The choice as a drinking glass or as part of medieval jewelry can be attributed to the belief that these crystals would crack or discolor when they came in contact with poison. Rock crystal has a number of healing properties and the most famous are •Against back pain •Against dizziness • Against headaches •Against stomach cramps and menstrual complaints •Cleans space and body. Rock Crystal is also the most used stone in healing and meditation.