Shaali, Black Steward Tartan

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Tämä huivi/shaali sopii yhteen Black Steward Tartan kiltin kanssa, jonka löydät myös verkkokaupastamme. Huivia voi käyttää monin tavoin joko kiltin kanssa tai erikseen vaikkapa hartioilla shaalina.


Plaid / Shawl, approx. 234 x 137 cm (92 x 54 in.), Black Stewart Tartan

The plaid we offer here is a very large one, which may be used in many different ways.

It can be wrapped around the body and used as a belted plaid (the precursor of the modern kilt), draped over the shoulder and used as a fly plaid (like a sash), or just worn as a voluminous scarf or shawl.

Two sides have a traditional kilting selvedge, while the two other edges feature a fringed finish.

- Material: 100% Polyacrylic
- Colour/Pattern: Black Watch (green/blue) or Black Stewart (black/red/blue/yellow/white)
- Size: approx. 234 x 137 cm (92 x 54 in.)
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry