Ingrid-nahkavyö, leveä

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

The high-quality and noble Viking belt "Ingrid" is very detailed processed. It consists of an approx. 3.5 cm wide belt, which is pulled through a total of approx. 11 cm wide piece of leather. At the belt you can pull through different things like bags or horn holders. The belt part runs through a total of four loops slit in the belt. The main leather piece of the belt was lovingly decorated by hand with Celtic hallmarks.

Likewise, a total of three half rings at the lower part of the Viking belt are connected by leather pieces. Various additional accessories can be hung on them.

The noble belt can be adjusted up to 15 cm tighter thanks to the bronze-colored brass buckles. For example, if you choose size 100 cm, the belt can be adjusted up to 85 cm.