Iso kannettava pajukori

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Square willow box or Kraxe with belt

As early as the Middle Ages, there is evidence that people carried willow panniers or haversacks on their backs. This made it easier to transport various things. Willow panniers are still used today, but they are rarely seen.


However, they do have some positive features:

-Made entirely without plastic!
-Environmentally friendly, as the willow is naturally degradable.
-Provides plenty of space for wood or similar items.
-The integrated frame makes it extremely robust and stable,
-Available for heavier loads
-Can be carried on the back with the strap,
-Or be carried with the stretcher handles.


Details willow box:

Height: approx. 52 cm
Width: approx. 43 cm
Depth: approx. 51 cm
Belt length: approx. 75 cm