Iso Shamaanirumpu, n. 50 cm - Tarotpuoti

Iso Shamaanirumpu, vuohen vuodasta kuljetuspussi n. 50 cm

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The drumheads are made of skin (rawhide). Because skin reacts to heat and (air) humidity , the tension of the skin and thus change the pitch / tone. If there is a lot of moisture in the air, can thus temporarily disappear from your drum sound. When it freezes, your drumhead can be stretched super tight. When you choose a fixed sheet you will have to work with the elements. If you choose a tensionable drumhead, it is much easier to determine the sound of your drum.
This shamanic drums are easily to handle; you carry them in your hand from the handle to the rear.
A hand drum is very good to use during (tranc ) dance and meditation .Traditional fixed shamans drum. In this hand drums the sheet is stretched directly with strips skin. The tension of the sheet can therefore only be changed by carefully heating it with a hair dryer or with a damp cloth or your own saliva.

Ajustable shaman drum

The adjustable hand drum is particularly suitable for thinner skins. The tension of the sheet is using tabs to easily adapt to the changing weather conditions. Thus, these hand drums ideal in our climate. The sheet is sandwiched between two iron rings be stretched. Those rope (plastic) is Very suitable for thicker sheets.
The iron makes the drum of course heavier. These shamans drum has on both sides of a sheet that different pitch, so you can hand contact with the upper world and the other with the underworld . Because a closed space takes the resonance increases, which makes shamans drums produce a distinctive , powerful sound .Very suitable for use in groups.