Riippulukko, järeä

Riippulukko, järeä

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Ihan oikeasti toimiva isohko lukko kahdella avaimella.

This big spring lock is handcraftet und will be used mostly as padlock such as for chests and so on.

The oldest specimens of spring locks were discovered in an celtic city in the near by Ingolstadt. Even today they are being compounded in different countrys such as in China, Morocco and India.

The lock consists of two parts. Inside is the spring, which bind the two parts. Are you compressed the two parts and spin the key to the left, will be the spring shoved through an hole and the lock is concluded than. Do you spin the key to the right again, the spring will be compressed and is it open again.            

Measuerements lock:
ca. 13 cm x ca. 7,5 cm

Measurements key:
Lenght ca. 9 cm