John Lee Dragon Katana

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John Lee Dragon Katana

- musta, puinen huotra

- kaunis ja tyylikäs säilytyslaatikko

Hand-forged samurai sword from the John Lee series

Masterpieces of asian swordcraft
- handforged from carbon steel and traditionally hardened
- the sharpened blade has a fuller for weight reduction
- the handle (tsuka) is made of wood and covered in real fish skin (same)
- the hilt is wrapped (tsuka-ito) in traditional black cotton
- there are two decorative grip swells (menuki)
- the hilt (tsuka) is anchored to the blade with bamboo pins (mekugi)
- the scabbard (saya) is made of wood
- the blade has a brass collar (habaki) so it won't rattle in the scabbard
- this sword was crafted following museum originals

JOHN LEE Dragon Katana
This sword's tsuba is ornamented with a dragon, which even today plays an important role in Japan, especially during the new year's fesivities. Unlike western folklore, the dragon in Japan is a lucky mythical creature.

- total length: approx.  103 cm
- blade length: approx. 72 cm
- hilt length: approx. 31 cm
- blade curve (sori): approx. 18-20 mm
- weight without scabbard: approx. 1 kg
- weight with scabbard: approx. 1.25 kg