Jousipyssy RFB pieni

Jousipyssy RFB pieni

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The Ready for Battle Bow in wood design is made from durable and flexible fiberglass, has a velour leather grip for a better hold and is perfectfor LARP arrows. Included in the delivery is the bow, the string and a bowcase. This bow is escpeciallysuited for beginners as he is easy to span and due to its more neutral design will fit with any LARP character.

- Material: fiberglass, velour leather
- Delivery includes: bow, string, bowcase
- available sizes: small (IF-HU703401), medium (IF-HU703402)
- Colour: black
- Length: approx. 38 inches (approx. 96 cm) (small), approx. 46 inches (approx. 118 cm) (medium)
- Draw weight: approx. 24-26 lbs
- Weight: approx. 216 g (small), approx. 393 g (medium)

Every product is handmade and therefore unique.

Please notice:
Adult supervision is required for children to operate any bow. Never shoot at people or animals. Keep both bow parts and arrows away from the eyes.This product contains a flexible fiberglass core which should not be used if damaged or broken. Do not try to self-repair the bow, discard if signsof stress appear. Do not leave in the sun or near a source of heat. Do not shoot damaged arrows, especially in case of damaged pads.

The Ready For Battle range offers simple and well-priced quality LARP products. Ready For Battle is a great place tostart whether you are new to LARP (and probably still a child) or you?re an experienced LARPer with an affection for the simple designs.Every item was designed and manufactured with focus on coolness, functionality and safety.

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