Jousipyssysetti aloittelijoille

Jousipyssysetti aloittelijoille

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Arrow bow set for beginners 95 cm bow, 5 arrows and arrow quiver

Age recommendation: 6-10 years (not a toy, see below).

Very flexible and shapely bow.
The stable string ensures a safe tensioning
The bow fits well in the hand.

- Length: approx. 950 mm
- Width: approx. 40 mm
- Thickness: approx. 32 mm
- Weight: approx. 220g
- Wood: ash with maple reinforcement in the middle part

The arrows are made of beech wood and have a rubber safety tip, the fletching is made of imitation leather.

- Length: approx. 500 mm
- Diameter: approx. 8 mm
- Weight: approx. 10g

Arrow Quiver:
This arrow quiver is used to store about 15 arrows. The quiver was sewn from linen, the lace decorations are made of nylon, as well as the edge seams, which serve as reinforcement. A linen strap is sewn on the back so that the quiver can be carried on the shoulder.

The ornaments may differ in color from the pictures, because the color can not be selected at the manufacturer and are shipped depending on stock. So unfortunately we can not fulfill any special color requests.

Length: approx. 36 cm
width: approx. 13 cm

Scope of supply: 1 95 cm bow without arrow guide, 5 arrows, 1 arrow quiver

Attention: No toy! This bow is a sports device with high kinetic energy. Persons under 18 years should only handle it under adult supervision!