Juomasarven vyöpidike, triskelion

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This belt holder for horns is made of thick vegetable tanned buffalo leather (approx. 2,5mm grain leather).

The centre of the holder is decorated with an embossed triskele and lacing on the sides allows the circumference to be individually adjusted to the respective horn size. The surface and edges of the leather are polished and given a light colour finish, giving the leather its characteristic used look.

Size S ( 0,2l to 0,3l) and size L (0,4l to 0,9l) available.

Only the holder is sold here! The other items shown are available separately in our online shop.

- Material: buffalo leather (vegetable tanned)
- colour: brown
- available sizes: S (0,2l-0,3l), L( 0,4l/0,9l)
- thickness: approx. 2,5 mm
- length of the upper loop: ca. 8cm
- Weight: approx. 35g

The above specifications may vary slightly from item to item.

Please note that leather is a natural product and variations in colour and/or grain are quite common. Therefore, no two pieces of this horn holder are alike and the above images are for illustrative purposes only.

This is a product of ULFBERTH®.