Käsinkudottu viltti 140 x 220cm, 100% villaa

Käsinkudottu viltti 140 x 220cm, 100% villaa

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Käsinkudottu villaviltti 140 x 220cm, 100 % villaa

Jokaisessa keskiaikaleirissä tuikitarpeellinen paksu ja lämmin villaviltti. Viltti on käsityönä kudottu vanhoilla kangaspuilla keskiaikaisen mallin mukaisesti. Oranssi raita  on luonnollisesti värjätty sipulinkuorilla.


Very nice blankets made from 100% handspun wool. They are hand-woven on a old wooden loom. How they are produced very rarely and are perfect replicas of the originals from the complete Middle Ages. The ceilings are never made of one piece, depending on size, they are hand sewn from two to three parts, since the Middle Ages it was very narrow looms. These blankets are exactly just such looms as produced in the Middle Ages.

The wool is from mountain sheep from the region and is washed in spring water only, thus they contain, even after the precious lanolin (fat) which the dirt floors and almost can be watertight. The wool is not dyed, unless the ceiling has colored streaks like this. The wool of the orange strip was colored with onion skins and is completely natural. The dense weave, the quality and the existing heavy wool grease are extremely heat-insulating blankets and a shower may not harm you. Absolutely indispensable for each camp!

Size: approx 220cm x 140cm
Weight per blanket: 3.5 kg,
this represents about 1150gr / m ² Made from 100% wool
The specified size and weight may due to the absolute hand made something different (larger or smaller), the tolerance is around 4%

The blankets are manufactured by a family company in the Maramures mountains. In that operation really work with all generations and all done by hand. By sorting the wool to sew the blankets. This family has made over generations to produce nothing more than blankets and other wool products by hand. In times of industrial production, the demand is decreasing much sadly.