Kavansiitti kristalleja raakamineraali - Cavansite n.30-40mm

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Kavansiitti on kiinnittyneenä toiseen mineraaliin, jokainen kivi on erilainen. Kuva on suuntaa antava.

Kavansiitinsininen on väri joka löytyy mm. Mercedes Benzin autonväreistä.

A beautiful and rare mineral that forms sparkling blue crystals. Because of its rarity and difficulty to mine, Cavansite is rarely collected.

Cavansite stone will fill you with courage and confidence during your period of transition. 

Cavansite will help you process your feelings of grief and loss. It will help you relieve your stress and let go of anything that causes you tension and anxiety.

It is also known as the stone of truth. It will help you accept yourself for who you are, and it will also show you how you can accept others for who they are.

Sizes: 30-40 mm

Weight: 15 g

NB: These Minerals are natural product. Because of this, the sizes of the gemstone pieces may vary.

If you are a mineral collector You should have these in Your collection.