Kippurakärkisaappaat Poulaines kolmella soljella

Kippurakärkisaappaat Poulaines kolmella soljella

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Kippurakärkiset saappaat, jotka tulivat muotiin 1300-luvun lopulla. Nämä kippurat ovat vielä melko maltilliset mahdollistaen menevänkin elävöittämisen.

 Väri: tumma ruskea

Koot: 40-46

Materiaali: nahka, pohja kumia


Although documented since the high Middle Ages already, peaked shoes and peaked boots (Poulaines) only really came into fashion in the late 14th century. This type of footwear then enjoyed such popularity around 1450 that even so-called sumptuary laws were enacted in order to regulate their wearing and restrain the collateral excesses. In 1463, under the reign of Edward IV of England, knights, squires, noblemen and other citizens were prohibited from wearing shoes with points exceeding 2 inches in length. This law was even further tightened in 1465, as cobblers and shoemakers were altogether banned from crafting shoes with points longer than 2 inches.

Our boots can be freely adjusted and fastened through three buckles and riveted straps. Unlike their medieval forerunner models, the sole of these medieval boots is made of charcoal grey hard rubber.

- Upper material: cowhide, approx. 2 mm thick
- Sole: hard rubber
- Colour: dark brown
- Available sizes: 40 - 46

Shipping weight: 1.70 kg