Kolmijalka, käsin taottu, n. 155cm

Kolmijalka, käsin taottu, n. 155cm

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Large tripod from steel for swing barbecue, kettle or pan

Solid and hand-forged tripod from steel. The large version!

You only have to put this tripod over a fireplace and it can excellently be used as a stand for barbecues or swing barbecues, pots or kettles, frying pans or jars. There’s a big hook to suffix the items. This is a multifunctional and very authentic object for the medieval or simply rustic kitchen.

Beautiful and high-class handcraft. Pot and S-Hook are not included.

- Length of one tripod leg: approx. 155 cm
- Weight: approx. 6.2 kg

A product of ULFBERTH®.

hintaan sisältyy ainoastaa kolmijalka, s-koukut sun muut härpäkkeet pitää hankkia erikseen