Hihaton Lenora tunika burgundy (small)

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A good costume consists of several layers. This leads to structure, provides colourful accents and allows the combination of various pieces for functional wearing. This is why the "Lenora" sleeveless tunic was made to be worn in combination with an undergarment. The low cut frontline may be closed by means of a rustic leather string. If you would like to have a finer lacing in that particular area, we recommend also purchasing a fabric lace in your desired colour.

The generously cut armholes allow the wearer to wear undergarments, yet provide the necessary mobility. The knee-length tunic is bell-shaped towards the bottom and narrowed down on the waistline. The slit on the sides allows for great freedom of leg movement. This tunic is sewn from our premium cotton. The densly woven fabric is robust yet soft.

We offer the matching ladies tunic "Lenora" designed as an undergarment to combine with this sleeveless variation. You may also want to check out the "Marita", "Alina" and "Ursula" undergarments - there are lots of possible combinations of colours, shapes, and functions for any existing outfit.

Material: cotton, leather