Pronssinen hius- tai partakoru, Thorin vasara

Pronssinen hius- tai partakoru, Thorin vasara

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Viking Beard Bead Thor's Hammer with Spiral Motifs, Bronze

Beautiful hair bead in the shape of Thor's hammer, adorned with spiral motifs.

Whether in your hair, dreadlocks or beard, this Mjölnir will never fail to impress. It was slightly blackened to lend its surface arustic, worn appearance.

Ornamental beads are not only designed to adorn beards and hair but are also very well suited as pendants for your medievalnecklace or bracelet. The inner diameter for this bead is 0.5 cm.

- Material: bronze
- Dimensions: approx. 2 x 1.8 x 1.1 cm
- Weight: approx. 8 g