Bluetooth viikinkimiekka, n.900-luvulta Tanskasta

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Viikinkimiekka kuuluisan viikinkikuninkaan Harald Sinihampaan aikakaudelta 900-luvulta. Miekka on tehty historiallisten löydösten perusteella. Alkuperäinen miekka löytyy Tanskan kansallismuseosta.


Hand forged Viking sword, originally from the era of the famous Viking king Harald Bluetooth. This traditionally shaped battle sword has a matching scabbard fit for a king, decorated with a beautifully matching set of hand crafted mouth and shoe. Hand made in the same way the vikings made swords a 1000 years ago. With a high quality carbon steel blade, hardened with oil and tempered in the traditional manner over a coal forge, making the blade both elastic and strong.  

The blade is marked with our Nordlys “forgers mark” ensuring the quality and proving it is a sword from our forge. On the hilt the handle is bound in brown leather and it has a typical viking age three lobed pommel and curved crossguard. The Scabbard has a wooden inside and black leather body decorated with blood red leather straps and ridge inlays. The locket and chape has intricate and detailed Viking age design. The belt and baldric is held by a dark wooden bridge, just like in the originals.

Since the blade is not blunt, the sword is intended for decorative or ceremonial use and is not recommended to be used in any type of fighting.

 The original, that this hand forged Viking swords is based on, can be found in the Danish national museum, where it is on permanent display. The model is of a type S, 10h century viking sword and is a beautiful representation of true viking style. It also comes included with a handmade leather scabbard that has ornamented bronze fittings.

Sword measurements:

 Length:  96 cm

 Blade length:  78 cm

 Width (base of blade): 5,5 cm

 Crossguard width: 12 cm

 Weight: 1,4 kg


Scabbard measurements:

 Lenght:  83,5 cm

 Width:  6,5 cm

Weight:  0,55 kg