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English Tea Shop Organic Darjeeling Black Tea

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This 'Champagne' among teas, from the tea gardens of the Himalayas in India is chosen for its floral, soft and persistent taste; excellent for the afternoon or after meals. Certified organic.

Ingredients: Darjeeling black tea * (100%).
* = certified organic

Product specifications 
Pure natural tea, 20 bags per box
Free from artificial additives or genetic manipulation
Certified organic
Compostable tea bags, recyclable packaging
Information on packaging in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Comes per 6 boxes
Store in a cool, dry place

English Tea Shop - We love good tea
Refreshing, invigorating, robust or soothing, English Tea Shop’s love for tea infuses everything they do: from blending the finest organic ingredients, all the way to your freshly brewed cup. Small farming, Organic, Fairtrade and Sustainable are words close to their heart.

Since 2010, English Tea Shop has sourced the best tea from the best farms in the world. Then their team of experts combines them at their own factory in Sri Lanka, to create just the right balance of yummy flavours. After that the tea is hand packed, reducing its carbon footprint.

Sustainable isn't just a buzz word to English Tea Shop – it drives everything they do. They're proud of the certifications from the Soil Association and Fairtrade International, not to mention the Control Union Certifications and the various other quality management systems. But they go even further. Their teas and ingredients come from small farmers in limited quantities, grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

The farmers get payed a premium on top of the Fairtrade price to make sure they can farm in the most sustainable way possible. Not only that, English Tea Shop takes measures to uplift the wellbeing of the farmers and their families. That way, we all will be able to enjoy these delicious teas for generations to come. And that's good for everyone.