Hartiaturkis, lampaanvillaa, valkoinen

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Shoulder Fur made of Lambskin, white

As winter approaches and the Viking nights grow longer and darker again, it is time to prepare. From their battles for food, riches and land, the men return to their villages.

Just like us today, the Vikings also had to dress sufficiently to avoid falling victim to the cold. But what were the methods back then? Lambskins, which are actually mainly used as floor rugs today, were very popular in the Middle Ages. Shoulder skins were very easy to attach with a leather cord or a chain. Especially in the winter, the lambskin was a warming wonder. But even when the days grew longer again, and the sun shone more often, skins and furs still remained quite useful, for example to make chairs or stools more comfortable.

This fur is ideal to channel the fierce warrior or brave Viking within you. Wherever you are – a Viking festival or a medieval market, no cold will get in your way. With this shoulder fur, you can enjoy every fest to the fullest, and every chair gets the extra comfort you need.

Just like in the past, our skins are natural products. Slight variations in colour, hair length or size are thus completely normal. They are untreated and therefore free of chemicals. As they are adjusted to fit perfectly around the shoulders and neck, they will neither kink nor stick out. Now nothing stands in the way of the next big event!

- Length: approx. 90 cm
- Hair length: approx. 40-60 mm
- Washable at 30°C with appropriate fur soap (hand wash only)
- No animal smell!
- Certified free of harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Please note:
Our shoulder furs are natural-coloured / ivory-coloured. There are no pure white sheep or lambs in nature. Therefore, we do not offer any skins in this shade, as those are bleached by using massive amounts of chemicals.