Nauhalautasetti lautanauhan tekoon, 6x6 cm, 10 kpl

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Dotted tablet weaving cards! Perfect for tablet weaving - card weaving. Top quality tablets, and it will serve you for many years!
Weaving cards made out of hard wood (3 layered plywood). Every card is unique, thoroughly polished by hand. Corners are round and edges of the holes are not sharp - do not damage yarn. Finished with natural mixture - oil and bees wax mix.

Every card is decoratively dotted by pyrographer (on one side). 4 holes (one at each corner) are easily identified by number of dots (. , .. , ... , ....). It helps to manage tablets making difficult patterns.

Size: 6x6 cm
Thickness: 1,5mm
Diameter of holes: 6 mm.

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