Viikinkikaulakoru Fenris suden päillä, pronssia

Viikinkikaulakoru Fenris suden päillä, pronssia

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Bronze Small Viking Fenris Torque

The Fenriswolf (also Fenrir, Fenrisúlfr) is a son of the evil god Loki and the giantess Angurboda, he fights the existing order and ultimately embodies the annihilation of the world. The gods recognize the dangerousness of Fenris and chain him to a rock by means of deception, and sink him deep into the ground.  In order for the plan to succeed, the god of war Tyr sacrifices a hand.

Fenris will be shackled for a long time, until he finally in the time of the dawn of the gods breaks the chain and will devour Odin. Odin's son Widar will kill Fenris, but it will be too late, the father of the gods will fall and with him the order of the world.

The torque is crafted from two twisted bronze wires which are adjustable.

- Material: bronze
- Diameter: approx. 12 cm inside, approx. 13 cm outside
- Weight: approx. 62 g