Klara päällysmekko

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Klara päällysmekko, joka sopii hyvin vaikkapa palvelustytölle. 

HUOM. Ruskean mekon väri selvästi tummempi kuin kuvassa, väri on tummanruskea


Koot: S/M, L/XL

Materiaali: 100% puuvilla

Värit: vihreä, tummanruskea 


Medieval Dress / Overdress Klara, dark brown

Beautiful medieval surcoat (or surcote) for the maid, the servant girl or the fair maiden. This overdress has a round neckline and can be tied with one bow at each side. It can also be combined with a belt to achieve the perfect fit. The fabric is soft and flowing so that the overgown can be worn over a shift dress without appearing bulky.

This medieval gown is available in various colours and sizes to allow each woman to combine it as desired to create her favorite style. In combination with the proper accessories, this dress is an absolute eye-catcher.

Size Top width approx. Bottom width approx. Total length approx.
S/M 42 cm 103 cm 127 cm
L/XL 46 cm 112 cm 131 cm
XXL 51 cm 120 cm 134 cm