Sporran kilttilaukku, musta

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Sporran kilttilaukku, nahkaa

Kilttilaukku tehdään perinteisesti nahkasta tai turkiksesta ja se kiinnitetään vyöllä tai ketjulla kilttiin. Tässä laukussa on mukana ketju kiinnittämistä varten.


The sporran is a pouch traditionally made of leather or fur. It is worn fastened to a leather belt or a chain in front of the conventionally pocketless kilt and serves as a purse.

Our leather sporran features three leather tassels and is adorned with Celtic designs. It closes with a pin that is attached to the bag by a chain.

Delivery includes an adjustable suspension chain with leather strap.

- Material: 100% leather
- Height: approx. 20 cm
- Width: approx. 17.5 cm
- Available colours: brown (with braiding) or black (with embossed Celtic motif)
- Incl. suspension chain