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Medieval Pilgrim's Bag, Cotton, various colours

This medieval bag, also known as a pilgrim's bag or bread bag, is made of sturdy cotton canvas and can be worn as a crossbody bag or a simple shoulder bag. The approx. 6 cm wide carrying strap is adorned with a tonal appliquéd braid. The pouch has a sewn-on drawstring with cord stop and cinches up tightly to keep your belongings safe from wandering hands. The sides and drawcord ends are adorned with small tassels.

Shoulder bags were carried by both women and men during the Middle Ages and constituted a more spacious alternative to the smaller pouches or purses which were usually worn on a belt. Bags made of cloth were not only used as pilgrim's satchels (or scrips) for longer journeys or pilgrimages, but also in everyday domestic and work life, e.g. as handbags, tote bags for provisions, etc. They were not designed as fashionable accessories but for the specific purpose of stowing and comfortably carrying one's essentials when out and about. This type of bag or satchel can be found in a number of medieval illustrations, for example in the Morgan Bible (also known as the Maciejowski Bible or Crusader Bible), a picture bible from the 13th century.

This handsome shoulder bag made of cotton fabric is ideal for medieval markets, LARP, reenactment or living history.

- Material: 100% cotton
- Height (without sling): approx. 33 cm
- Width: approx. 31 cm
- Overall length of the shoulder strap: approx. 109 cm
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry