Kuningas Arthurin kypärä

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King Arthur was said to be the perfect king. In peacetime he was caring and listened to the concerns of the people. During the war he was a brave leader, who united and led Britain's Celtic tribes against the invading Angles and Saxons in the 5th century.

This replica is in the style of an early medieval spangenhelmet, ideal for larp, theatre and costumes. The helmet has a high-quality, adjustable leather inlet and a chin strap with buckle.

- Size: head circumference (hat size): up to approx. 62 cm
- Long inner distance (back of the head to forehead): approx. 22.5 cm
- Short inner distance (ear to ear): approx. 18.5 cm
- Material: approx. 1.2 mm steel
- Weight: approx. 2.55 kg