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Shoulder Fur made of Nordic Sheepskin, black

As winter approaches and the Viking nights grow longer and darker once more, it is time to prepare. From the struggle for food, riches and land, the men return to their villages.

As we know it here, the Vikings also had to dress sufficiently to avoid falling victim to the cold. But what were the methods back then? The animal skin, which you actually find more on the ground nowadays, was a very popular aid in the Middle Ages. Especially in the wintertime, this skin with fur was probably a warming miracle. But even when the days became longer again and the sun appeared more often, skins could still be used, for example to make the chair or stool more comfortable.

This fur is perfect for getting a bit closer to the wild warrior or the brave Viking. Whether it's a Viking festival or a medieval market, with this shoulder fur, no cold will get in the way. Every festival can be enjoyed to the full and every chair becomes more comfortable.

As our skins are natural products, just like in the past, slight variations in colour, hair length or size are completely normal. They are untreated and therefore free of chemicals. Due to the adapted shape at the shoulder and neck, the fur neither forms creases nor stands out. Now nothing stands in the way of the next big event!

- Hair length: approx. 15 mm