Lasten jousi ja kolme nuolta

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Children's Bow with 3 Arrows, Wooden Toy

Safe, with hole and suction cups - Due to the very safe design (with a target guide hole in the bow and arrows with suction cups), outdoor activities become pure fun.

Silently sneak up and - plop! With this great child's brow made of wood, little rangers are well equipped on all paths - for example children's birthday parties, carnival and shooting contests.

The wooden arrows with suction cups wouldn't hurt a fly, and thanks to the hole in the bow, even the smallest archers will hit their target safely.

Nicely shaped, carefully crafted bow made of solid ash wood with plastic string.

- Includes 3 arrows with suction cups.
- Length: approx. 95 cm
- Weight (bow and arrows): approx. 250 g