Great Helmet-ritarikypärä, muovia

Great Helmet-ritarikypärä, muovia

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Children's Knight's Great Helm, Plastic

For a perfect performance as a noble knight on medieval markets, LARP events, costume parties, carnivals or just for simple playtime at home, needless to say that any little warrior needs a grand-looking knightly helm. This great heaume is modeled on historical late medieval pot helms. Such helmets were also very popular with Crusaders. Its realistic appearance mimics an aged, battle-worn great helm.

This knight's helm for kids is made from high-quality plastic. It is very lightweight, odourless and has an authentic-looking appearance. If need be, for additional protection, it also provides sufficient space on the inside for a cap or the like. It should also fit adults of smaller, petite stature.

This toy helmet is solely intended for costuming purposes and does not offer protection against blows or shocks of any kind.

- Material: plastic
- Dimensions: approx. 24 x 19 x 22 cm
- Weight: approx. 230 g
- Colour: steel with copper-coloured cross