Legendaarinen viikinkimiekka Ulfberht huotralla

Legendaarinen viikinkimiekka Ulfberht huotralla

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Hand forged, high quality replica of one of the legendary Ulfberht swords. This specific sword was found in Norway. And no matter if it is spelled as Vlfberth, Ulfberth or Ulfberht the name is legendary for Viking swords. This hand crafted replica is made from high quality carbon steel and forged over open fire, just like a 1000 years ago. The blade is then hardened and tempered in the traditional way, making the blade both elastic and strong.

And just like the originals the blade has the name “ULFBERHT” engraved along the fuller, on one side of the sword.

Ulfberht is a legendary name when it comes to Viking age swords, he is said to have been a master smith located in France and was well known for the best quality steel and unbeatable quality of work. Other theories suggest Ulfberth was a group of Frankish smiths that used imported steel of superior quality. However the originals were made, one thing is sure, the name Ulfberth has kept its fame for supreme swords even to this day.

The Scabbard is also made like the originals. It has a wooden core wrapped in brown leather and is nicely decorated with cord work risers and black lace work. It also has a bronze chape or shoe in viking age design and is completed with a wooden bridge for the belt and baldric.

Since the blade is not blunted, the sword is intended for decorative or ceremonial use and is not recommended to be used in any type of fighting.

Sword measurements

Length:  97 cm

Blade length:  80 cm

Width (base of blade): 6 cm

Crossguard width: 10 cm

Weight: 1,7 kg

Scabbard measurements

Lenght:  84,5 cm

Width:  9 cm

Weight:  0,7