Tunikamekko-Lenora, hihaton, villaa

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Materiaali: villaa, nahkanyörit

A good costume consists of several layers. This leads to structure, provides colourful accents and allows the combination of various pieces for functional wearing. This is why the "Lenora" sleeveless tunic was made to be worn in combination with an undergarment. The low cut frontline is being closed with a rustic leather string. I

The generous cut armholes allow the wearer to wear undergarments, jet provide the necessary movability when being fully dressed. The knee-long tunic is shaped bell-like towards the bottom and fitted on the waistline. The slit on the sides allows a free movability of the legs while running and dancing. 

The tunic is made from wool, a fabric, which keeps you warm when needed and keeps away the light drizzle in spring, fall and winter.