Lenora tunika kalanruotokuviolla, LIMITED EDITION

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The tunic was wide-spread within Europe from the antiquity up to the late medieval period. It was worn by men and women in various patterns and in all social classes. Tunics are found in today's T-Shirt and have influenced our culture like no other piece of clothing has. The "Lenora" ladies' tunic is made from durable linen and a perfect underdress for many costumes. Whether you wear it underneath a dress, a bodice or a gambeson ‒ it absorbs moisture, but will stay permeable to air. The tunic can also be worn as a costume itself on hot summer days. Combined with a ladies' belt, it is a light, but robust alternative to more tight-fitting undergarments.

Those who are driven out of bed at night as the plots of a live roleplay event demands it or who wish to go to the washing facilities in their costume in the morning can easily use this tunic as a nightgown on events. Our "Lenora" ladies' tunic is a simple, yet multi-purpose functional piece of clothing.

Material: herringbone (30% polyester, 30% acrylic, 21% wool, 13% cotton, 6% viscose)