Make your own medieval clothing - Headgear Men and Women - kirja (eng)

Make your own medieval clothing - Headgear Men and Women - kirja (eng)

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Make Your Own Medieval Clothing - Headgear for Men and Women

by Susanne and Frank Leuner

New edition in English language

Format 21 x 29,7 cm ( DIN A4), 64 pages

Veil, circlet, coife, bonnet, cap or hood? To give an authentic portrayal of a

medieval character, you will need an appropriate period headdress.

This carefully research and richly illustrated book offers a wide variety of

head coverings throughthe ages.

The authors present exemplary historical sources which form the foundation for

their interpretations and also give advice how to wear the headdresses.

The sources for sewing instructions range from early medieval pictures found in

the Maciejowski Bible and the Codex Manesse to High Middle Ages

archeological findings from London and late Middle Ages findings from Kempten

in the Allgaeu, South Germany.

This book includes an introduction to the necessary working techniques.

Clear and easily comprehensible instructions and pictures lead you through the

work process. Even a layman can thus create patterns, sew different seam types

and neaten cut edges. A section on materials ensures that you will be able to

choose the right fabrics and colours.