Keskiaikaiset nilkkamittaiset kengät, nyöritys edessä

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Very sturdy reconstruction replicating the style of medieval shoes. This type of shoes was widespread in medieval Europe, from the late Dark Ages up to well into the late Middle Ages.

The shoes offered here are ankle-high and laced on the instep. The upper is machine-stitched to the sole. This modern method (also called McKay stitch) allows for substantially more stability and durability whilst maintaining the visual appearance of original historical turnshoes.

An ideal compromise for those who find turnshoes too pliant and unstable, yet still attach great importance to an authentic historical representation.

Review of theses shoes by the Battle of the Nations Team Friesland (translated from German):
Tested 3 pairs of these shoes from Battle Merchant during a two-day-long buhurt (melee) at the Battle of the Nations 2017 in Barcelona. 21 vs. 21 and 5 vs. 5. Conclusion: These shoes are great. Sturdy, comfortable, snug fitting according to size indications and equipped with nailed soles well suited for sandy ground.

- Sturdy upper leather (approx. 2 mm thick)
- Nailed leather sole (approx. 4-5 mm thick)
- Colour: dark brown
- Ankle-high, front lacing

Available in various sizes.