Keskiaikaiset kengät nyörillä

Keskiaikaiset kengät nyörillä

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Medieval strap shoes, side-laced, turn-sewn

Shoes with straps, suitable for ladies and noblemen. Archaeological finds in Schleswig and Konstanz were master for these shoes. They were worn between 1200 and 1500 AD.
The shoes have a flat blank, lacing at the instep and strengthened loops for fiddling. The sole consists of about 4mm strong vegetable tanned cowhide. The upper leather is about 1.8 mm strong and made of vegetable tanned cowhide too. The shoes are hand-made and turn-sewn.

Please note: The robustness of these turn-sewn shoes doesn’t meet the demands of today under certain conditions. The shoes react sensitively on asphalt, concrete stone and gravel. Therefore we recommend the use of Trippen.

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